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The history, the people and the stories of the Upper Midwest

Homeschool Programming

The Kenosha Public Museum is proud to offer programs for homeschool families that integrate art, history, culture, and STEM through hands-on exploration, gallery tours, outdoor investigation and more.

Offered: Tuesday – Friday; September to June
Formats: on-site, virtual, outreach
Length: 60 minutes
Cost: $6/student


Early Childhood (4K) Programs

Toys of the Civil War

Capacity: 25 students
Do your students ever wonder what it would be like to grow up during the Civil War? Do they ever wonder what games children played during the Civil War? If so, this is the program for your class! In this program, students will learn what life was like for children during the Civil War and have an opportunity to take part in some of the same activities that young people enjoyed in 1862.



Grades K-2

You Are a Soldier: What is a Soldier?

Capacity: 25 students
Join us as we explore what it means to be a soldier during the Civil War. In addition to interacting with artifacts of the Civil War, students will have an opportunity to step into the shoes of the soldiers and experience what it was like to be a Civil War soldier.


Hometown Heroes

Capacity: 25 students
Even though it was far from the field of battle, Kenosha played a role during the Civil War. Students will learn about Kenosha’s role in the war, about those involved in the war, and the families and communities who supported them.



Grades 3-5

You Are a Soldier: Soldier Life

Capacity: 25 students
Students will learn what life was like for Civil War soldiers through the eyes of the soldiers themselves. In this program, students will receive a biography card of a specific soldier and learn about the experiences of that soldier as we navigate the Fiery Trial.


Voices of Freedom

Capacity: 40 students; divided into 2 groups
African Americans played an important part in the fight to end slavery. This program will explore the lives of enslaved people as well as African American soldiers and sailors as they fought for freedom.  Students will learn about each persons’ experiences through first-hand accounts and have an opportunity to create their own museum exhibits using artifacts that represent each individuals’ life and journey to freedom.



Grades 6-8

Civil War Innovations

Capacity: 40 students; divided into 2 groups
Science and engineering were incredibly important during the Civil War. New weapons were devised that would forever change the way in which wars were fought, and new technologies would forever change the way in which people lived. In this program students will learn about the innovations and inventions that took place, as well as have an opportunity to get their hands dirty and design their own solutions to a problem of the time.



Guided Museum Tour (K-12)

Midwest in the Civil War

Capacity: 50 students
Formats Available: On-site and virtual
This 1.5 hour long tour explores the Midwest’s role in the Civil War through a guided tour of the Fiery Trial gallery, a viewing of the Museum’s 360° movie Seeing the Elephant, and several interactive stations.