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The history, the people and the stories of the Upper Midwest

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The Civil War Museum holds within its collection a wide variety of letters, official government circulars, reports, lithographs, and original photographs. Listed below are links to detailed finding aids representing several major collections within our archives. Rules for qualified persons interested in researching these original materials include:

  • Requests to research the archives must be made to the curator 24 hours in advance .
  • The archives are open for research on-site during business hours, Monday-Friday, 9am to 4pm. Times are also subject to the availability of the curator.
  • Patrons must sign in with the curator before use and adhere to archives rules.
  • Staff reserves the right to accept or deny any research request.

A complete listing of the letter collection of the Civil War Museum can be found here.

For more information, contact the curator of collections at 262-653-4439.

Links to Finding Aids

Links to Editions of the Voice of the Fair – April 27, 1865 to June 21, 1865

The Voice of the Fair was a newspaper published by the organizers of the Great Northwestern Sanitary Fair held in Chicago May 30-June 24, 1865. The newspaper was to be “the organ, advocate and record of the forthcoming great North Western Sanitary Fair” as well as a “first class literary publication” featuring submissions from “all the distinguished literary ladies and gentlemen of the country, military chieftans, statesmen, and other public men.”

The Great Northwestern Sanitary Fair organized to raise funds for the joint benefit of the United States Sanitary Commission and Soldier’s Home of Chicago. Donations to the Fair in the form of money, goods, and collectables came to Chicago from all over the world. Union generals Grant, Sherman and Hooker also visited the Fair and donated items for its fund raising efforts. A number of Union regimental flags, captured Confederate flags, and other prizes of war were also displayed. Thousands of people, including many returning Upper Midwestern regiments, visited and the fair raised over $270,000 to benefit sick and wounded Union soldiers.

The Civil War Museum holds every edition of the Voice of the Fair produced between April 27 and June 21, 1865. Each page is available electronically below as a PDF document. Also, a finding aid and index are provided to help with searching for individual articles and topics.

Finding Aid for the Voice of the Fair Collection
Index for the Voice of the Fair Collection