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The history, the people and the stories of the Upper Midwest

Adult Group Tours


Tour groups from across the nation have been educated and entertained by visits to the Civil War Museum. Guided tours of our more than 16,000 square foot gallery called “The Fiery Trial” feature interactive and inspiring moments for our guests.

Visitors to the Civil War Museum:

  • Learn about the important roles the seven states of the Upper Middle West (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin) played during the Civil War.
  • March, train, and fight with a Midwestern Civil War regiment during a viewing of our award winning 360° film Seeing the Elephant.
  • Are immersed in the sights and sounds of a Union Civil War camp, a railroad car carrying passengers and soldiers, and a steamboat transporting passengers home after the war.
  • Reflect on the personal stories of the men, women, and children who lived during this turbulent time in American history.

The Museum has multiple exhibit and gallery spaces, an outdoor terrace with stunning views of Lake Michigan, a gift shop, and free on-site parking.

You can also book a Theater Program performance for your group.

Reservations are required for all groups of more than nine people. Group leaders and bus drivers receive complimentary admission. For group rates and booking information, fill out a Reservation Request form, or contact the group tour coordinator at 262-653-4424 or email [email protected]


Our Location

The Civil War Museum is located in beautiful downtown Kenosha, between Milwaukee and Chicago. Located along the scenic shores of Lake Michigan, downtown Kenosha is a vibrant neighborhood with shopping, dining, parks, and cultural opportunities including the Kenosha Public Museum.

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