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The history, the people and the stories of the Upper Midwest



SPARK! is a monthly program for individuals living with early-to-mid stage memory loss, their care partners, and family members. Participants are engaged in lively conversations, exhibit exploration, object handling, and other multi-sensory activities, and encouraged to make new friends, socialize and learn interesting stories.


All SPARK! programs are currently being offered virtually. Please register for the free program at [email protected] or 262-653-4141. A link to Zoom will be emailed to all registrants the week of the program.


Wisconsin and the Civil War

Friday, March 19  |  2pm

View artifacts from the Civil War Museum and learn about the role Wisconsin soldiers and civilians played during the war.


They Ate That?

Friday, April 16  |  2pm

Learn about the different foods Civil War soldiers prepared and ate. Then share stories about your own favorite recipes for dinners, desserts and more.


Civil War Drawing and Painting

Friday, May 21  |  2pm

Using original works of art from the museum collection, you will learn about the drawings and paintings created by and for Civil War soldiers. Create your own original drawings to share with the group.


You Are the Soldier

Friday, June 18  |  2pm

Learn about the uniforms, equipment and personal items carried by Civil War Union soldiers. Then create your own virtual knapsack by making choices about the items you would pack if you were a soldier at that time.