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Dinosaurs and Birds - The Link Between Them

Homeschool Programs

The Kenosha Public Museum is proud to offer programs for homeschool families that integrate art, history, culture, and STEM through hands-on exploration, gallery tours, outdoor investigation and more.

Offered: Tuesday – Friday; September to June
Formats: on-site, virtual, outreach
Length: 60 minutes
Cost: $6/student


Early Childhood (4K) Programs 

What is a Dinosaur?

Capacity: 30 students
Format Available: On-site
People think they know what a dinosaur is, but do they really? Students will be introduced to the criteria necessary to be defined as a dinosaur while looking at life-size dinosaur skeletons in our gallery. Students will also have an opportunity to explore the world of paleontology on their own by digging in a mock excavation and participating in other activities within our classroom.



Grades K-2

What is Paleontology?

Capacity: 30 students
Formats Available: On-site
Not sure who paleontologists are or what they do? Join us as we explore the fascinating field of paleontology and dinosaurs! Students will examine fossils, conduct hands-on lab work, and practice their excavation skills at our on-site mock excavation



Grades 3-5

Trace Fossils: Keys to Dinosaur Behavior?

Capacity: 30 students
Formats Available: On-site and virtual
You’ve seen dinosaur bones, but have you seen dinosaur vomit or butt prints? These lesser known, but equally revealing fossils provide paleontologists with a wealth of information about how dinosaurs may have behaved. Students will explore trace fossils through several hands-on STEM activities.



Grades 6-8

Jurassic Mystery!


Grades 9-12

Jurassic Mystery!



Guided Museum Tour (K-12)

During this 1.5 hour long guided tour, students will learn all about the fascinating world of paleontology including their discoveries of theropod, or meat-eating, dinosaurs. Students will visit the Carthage Institute of Paleontology during the tour and have several opportunities for hands-on interaction.  

Capacity: 30 students
Formats Available: On-site