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Dinosaurs and Birds - The Link Between Them



Sensory Friendly Days

Sensory Friendly Days are designed to give visitors of all ages with complex developmental disabilities, sensory sensitivities, or on the autism spectrum a safe, comfortable environment to explore the museum exhibits during special hours before the museum opens to the general public. Where possible, our lights will be dimmed and the sound turned off. Signage will be posted for those areas in which we are unable to turn off the sound or there may be other sensory triggers. Trained staff will be available to help visitors navigate the museum and offer supportive resources (noise-cancelling headphones, fidgets, weighted blankets, quiet spaces), as well as opportunities for sensory engagement during your exploration of the museum.

Dinosaur Discovery Museum:  Saturday, June 18  |  11am – 12pm

Kenosha Public Museum:  Saturday, July 16  |  9am – 10am

Civil War Museum:  Saturday, August 6  |  9am – 10am

Dinosaur Discovery Museum:  Saturday, September 24  |  11am – 12pm



Artsy Afternoons

Explore the amazing world of art through the eyes of artists and see how their artwork can inspire your own.  Try new techniques and get your creativity flowing.  All materials included.  Space is limited in these free programs – advance registration required.  Held at Kenosha Public Museum.

Friday, September 16:  Weaving  |  2pm – 3pm:  Ages 5-6:  Register Here  |  3:30pm – 4:30pm:  Ages 7-10:  Register Here



PUBLIC Education

We’re joining forces with PUBLIC Craft Brewing for a series of fun, interesting talks about a variety of topics from dinosaurs to art to some guy who collected amputated limbs during the Civil War. Join museum curators in an informal setting (a brewery!) to discuss all sorts of topics while sampling some of Kenosha’s finest craft beers. The first one is on us!


Artistic Vices

Tuesday, September 20  |  5:30pm – 6:30pm  |  Location:  PUBLIC Craft Brewing  |  $15 ($25 non-members)  |  Register Here

Do you have to be a jerk to be a good artist? Why does the primarily male ‘tortured genius’ artist trope continue to persist in our collective memory? Grab a beer and decide for yourself if drugs, sex, and gambling improved the artwork of Vincent van Gogh, Thomas Kincaid, Paul Gaughin, Lucien Freud and Salvador Dali. Warning, you may not be able to look at them in the same way again!



Lakeshore Fossil Hunting

Saturday, August 27  |  1pm – 3pm  |  Free for FOM Members ($10 non-members)  |  Register Here

Saturday, September 10  |  1pm – 3pm  |  Free for FOM Members ($10 non-members)  |  Register Here

430 millions years ago, the area we now call Kenosha, was part of a tropical reef in a warm, shallow sea teeming with life.  And the evidence is still here!  Join us for an exciting hunt for fossils along the Lake Michigan shore where you will discover clues to Kenosha’s past.  Meet at the Kenosha Public Museum.  Participants must provide their own transportation to the collection site – approximately a half mile from the museum.  Register online before the program date, or in-person the day of the program.



Time to Fly Kite Fest

Saturday, September 24  |  11:30am – 2pm  |  Location:  Lincoln Park

Watch professional kite flying demonstrations, then visit informational and resource booths, play games, join the museum for activities, and enjoy a hot dog lunch. There will also be a kite and bike giveaway.



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