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Dinosaurs and Birds - The Link Between Them



Sensory Friendly Days

Sensory Friendly Days give visitors of all ages with complex developmental disabilities, sensory sensitivities, or on the autism spectrum a safe, comfortable environment to explore the museum exhibits during special hours before the museum opens to the general public. Where possible, our lights will be dimmed and the sound turned off. Signage will be posted for those areas in which we are unable to turn off the sound or there may be other sensory triggers. Trained staff will be available to help visitors navigate the museum and offer supportive resources (noise-cancelling headphones, fidgets, weighted blankets, quiet spaces), as well as opportunities for sensory engagement during your exploration of the museum.

Kenosha Public Museum:  Saturday, January 14 |  9am – 10am

Civil War Museum:  Saturday, February 11  |  9am – 10am



Museum Munchkins

Every Wednesday  |  9:30am – 10:00am

Get your preschoolers excited about science and the world around them. Each week they will learn about a different museum collection animal through songs, stories and activities.

JANUARY:  – Humpback Whales;  11 – Squirrels;  1– Animal Friendships (Kindness Week);  25 – Stingrays

FEBRUARY:  – Groundhogs;  – Jellys;  15 – Pangolins;  22 – Hippopotamus

MARCH:  – Pigs;  – Aardvarks;  15 – Giant Pandas;  22 – Horses;  29 – Manatees



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