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Dinosaurs and Birds - The Link Between Them

Cub Scouts

Wolf Scouts “Digging in the Past”
Call 262-653-4424 for available dates and times
Minimum: 10 boys. Maximum: 30 boys. 1 adult required to attend with every 5 boys.

o Learn about and identify the dinosaurs at the Dinosaur Discovery Museum.
o Create a fossil cast.
o Discover how paleontologists look for and excavate fossils.

o Be a “paleontologist” and  uncover dinosaur fossils.

$12 per boy (includes a snack)

Wolf Scouts complete the requirements to earn “Digging in the Past.”
Location: Dinosaur Discovery Museum



Meetings and Museum Programs

Looking for a unique and fun place to hold your next troop, den, or pack meeting? Why not call the Museums to schedule your meeting in one of our classroom spaces followed by a Museum program or guided tour.