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Girl Scouts


On-Going Programs

Are your Girl Scouts looking for a new, fun adventure? At the Kenosha Museums your troop can hunt for fossils, be inspired to create their own artistic masterpiece, or explore Wisconsin’s 19th Century past. Have your next meeting at the museum followed by one of the programs below.

Ages:  Programming can be adapted for any age and scout level.

Number of Scouts:  With safety and social distancing in mind, these museum educator-led programs are designed for a maximum of 10 scouts and their chaperones.

Dates and Times:  Flexible, pending availability of museum staff.

Registration or More Information:  [email protected]  |  262-653-4432 (museum)  |  262-818-1848 (cell)

Lake Michigan Fossil Hunting

Kenosha Public Museum  |  5500 First Avenue, Kenosha  |  Duration: 90 minutes  |
Maximum Number of Scouts: 10  |  Cost per Scout: $10

Hunt for fossils along the sandy shores of Lake Michigan and discover clues to Wisconsin’s ancient underwater past. Meet inside the Kenosha Public Museum for a brief introduction to the types of fossils you’ll find before heading to the lakeside fossil collection area.  NOTE: This outdoor program is dependent on weather and beach conditions. Each troop is responsible for transportation to the fossil collection area (transportation not provided by the museum).


Artistic Adventures

Kenosha Public Museum  |  5500 First Avenue, Kenosha  |  Duration: 120 minutes  |
Maximum Number of Scouts: 10  |  Cost per Scout: $20 (includes all supplies)

Choose an artistic exploration in printmaking, still life painting, or polymer clay. A curator will introduce the project, show technique, and assist scouts as they work on their own designs. Each scout will leave with a finished piece of artwork.



Historic Hometown

Civil War Museum  |  5400 First Avenue, Kenosha  |  Duration: 90 minutes  |
Maximum Number of Scouts: 10  |  Cost per Scout: $10

Discover the life and times of Upper Midwest Civil War era soldiers and civilians using the Museum’s Fiery Trial exhibit, hands-on activities, and conversations led by museum staff. Play historic games, handle artifacts, and create your own flag while learning about our region’s history. This program fulfills several requirements of the Brownie Celebrating Community badge and the Junior Playing the Past badge.



PAINT Badge Take-Out Box

Rental Duration: 2 weeks  |  Cost: $20 payable upon check out

This Take-Out Badge Box is designed to help you complete the Girl Scout Brownie PAINTING badge with your troop. It is our hope that by providing basic supplies and ideas, we will inspire your own creativity in tailoring the activities to the needs and interests of your troop.

All the basic supplies (paint, brushes, paper, etc.) are provided, as well as some resource materials and many suggestions for ways to complete the badge activities.

Box Contents
Troop Supplies



Meetings and Museum Programs

Looking for a unique and fun place to hold your next troop, den, or pack meeting? Call the Museums to schedule your meeting in one of our classroom spaces followed by a Museum program or guided tour.  Call 262-653-4424 for details.