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Natural History & Fine Arts Museum



Scientist of the Month

Saturdays, August 7 and September 4  |  11am – 1pm  |  Location: KPM Lobby  |  Free Drop-In Program

Learn about women and underrepresented people in science, then do an experiment based on their field of study. A different scientist is featured each month. All experiment materials are single use, or thoroughly cleaned after each use.



Lake Shore Fossil Hunting

Saturday, August 21  |  1pm – 3pm  |  Free for FOM members ($10/person for non-members)  |  Register here

Go on an exciting hunt for fossils along Lake Michigan where you will discover clues to Kenosha’s ancient past. 430 million years ago this area was part of a tropical reef in a warm, shallow sea teeming with life, and the evidence is still here.  Meet at the Kenosha Public Museum, then head to the lake shore. Participants must bring their own transportation to the sites.



Museum Munchkins

Wednesdays  |  9:30am – 10am  |  Location: Outside KPM (in case of inclement weather, we will move inside the museum)

Get your preschooler excited about science and the world around them through stories, songs and activities using pieces from the museum collection.

JULY:  7 – Eagles;  14 – Snails;  21 – Cows;  28 – Triceratops

AUGUST:  4 – Quokkas;  11 – Rhinoceros;  18 – Sea Turtles;  25 – Pike



I’ve Heard of Her

Once a month museum staff lead a discussion on remarkable women, exploring their lives and roles in history – the good, the bad, and the in between.


Sister Anthony O’Connell of the Sisters of Charity, Cincinnati, Ohio

Thursday, August 19  |  Noon  |  Presenter: Doug Dammann  |  Location: Civil War Museum

From the onset of the Civil War in 1861 to its close in 1865, Sister O’Connell worked to meet the health and spiritual needs of the sick and wounded soldiers at hospitals in places like Cumberland, MD; Pittsburg Landing, TN; and Nashville, TN.  Upon her death in 1897 she was recognized by church leaders and veterans as one of the true “Angels of the Battlefield.”


Thursday, September 16 |  Noon  |  Presenter: Samantha Machalik  |  Location: Civil War Museum

It’s commonly said that Cleopatra was the beautiful lover of two of the most powerful men of the time, and that she killed herself using a snake.  But is it all true? Learn what her life was like before Julius Caesar came to Alexandria in 48 BCE, and if she really married her brother, as we sort the myth from the truth.




This monthly program is for individuals living with early to mid-stage memory loss and their care partners. Participants are engaged in lively conversations, storytelling and other multi-sensory activities.

Please register for the free program at [email protected] or 262-653-4141.


Civil War Medical Care

Friday, August 20  |  2pm  |  Location: Civil War Museum

Compare the modern medical system to that used during the Civil War, and discover the similarities and differences.