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Natural History & Fine Arts Museum


Insect Investigators

Saturday, November 7, 2020| 9:30am – 12pm | To Register Email

Learn about which bugs in your backyard are helpful and which ones are harmful. Do a virtual insect observation, create a poster and butterfly magnet, and design a model of an insect’s home. Look at insects and other bugs in the Museum’s collection and take a virtual tour of the Small Wonders: Insects in Focus exhibit.


Earned badge: Bugs
Cost: $20 per girl
Location: Virtual event via Zoom



Celebrating Community

Saturday, March 20, 2021 | 10am – 12:30pm | Register through GSWISE

Learn about our local, state and national communities and how we celebrate them. Explore community symbols, songs, flags and landmarks, and learn how to fold the flag and perform a simple flag ceremony. See a flag that was actually carried in the American Civil War.

Earned Badge: Celebrating Community
Cost: $20 per girl
Location: Civil War Museum, 5400 First Avenue, Kenosha, WI


Paint My World!

Saturday, May 15, 2021 | 9:30am – 12pm | Register through GSWISE

Using watercolors, tempera, and puffy paint experience the world of a painter and express yourself by creating four different pieces of art. Tour the Museum to see artworks created by national watercolor artists.


Earned Badge: Painting
Cost: $20 per girl
Location: Kenosha Public Museum, 5500 First Avenue, Kenosha, WI


PAINT Badge Take-Out Box

This Take-Out Badge Box is designed to help you complete the Girl Scout Brownie PAINTING badge with your troop. It is our hope that by providing basic supplies and ideas, we will inspire your own creativity in tailoring the activities to the needs and interests of your troop.

All the basic supplies (paint, brushes, paper, etc.) are provided, as well as some resource materials and many suggestions for ways to complete the badge activities.

Box Contents
Troop Supplies

There is a $20 fee, payable upon check out. Normal check out period is two weeks.
Email or call Maggie at 262-818-1848 for more information or to check availability and reserve the box.


Meetings and Museum Programs

Looking for a unique and fun place to hold your next troop, den, or pack meeting? Why not call the Museums to schedule your meeting in one of our classroom spaces followed by a Museum program or guided tour.  Call 262-653-4433 for details.