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Natural History & Fine Arts Museum

Munchkins Crafts


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Make a pangolin that rolls around to protect itself.





Humpback Whale

Create an underwater scene complete with humpback whales.






Polar Bear

Make a snowy Arctic scene with a fuzzy polar bear.





Sea Urchin

Create, color and put together a sea urchin puzzle.






Assemble a moveable paper aye-aye.





Mountain Lion

Make a mountain lion out of a paper bag.





Whose Teeth Are These?

Match teeth and jaws to their animal.






Create a Pterosaur mobile.





Ground Sloth

Create a ground sloth caught in a snow storm.





Sea Star

Learn about symmetry from sea creatures.






Make a raccoon out of a cereal box.





Grab a water bottle and playing card to make noise like a grasshopper.






African Lion

Create a lion from using construction paper and your hand.





Gray Fox

Make a gray fox out of a paper plate.






Create an otter bag to carry your favorite things.





Dino Shape Matching

Match each dinosaur’s shape to the corresponding egg.





Shrike Meal Planning

Help plan out your meals for day – just like a shrike.






Trace your hand and shoe to make a shrike.






Make a mask and “purr” like an Ocelot!