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Natural History & Fine Arts Museum

Kids Activity Page


Museum Munchkins Activities

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Sea Urchin












Mountain Lion






Whose Teeth Are These?












Ground Sloth

Create a ground sloth caught in a snow storm.





Sea Star

Learn about symmetry from sea creatures.






Make a raccoon out of a cereal box.





Grab a water bottle and playing card to make noise like a grasshopper.






African Lion

Create a lion from using construction paper and your hand.





Gray Fox

Make a gray fox out of a paper plate.






Create an otter bag to carry your favorite things.





Dino Shape Matching

Match each dinosaur’s shape to the corresponding egg.





Shrike Meal Planning

Help plan out your meals for day – just like a shrike.






Trace your hand and shoe to make a shrike.






Make a mask and “purr” like an Ocelot!




Art & Crafts


Shadow Puppets

Create puppets then put on a shadow puppet show.





Strings & Things

Create a sculpture out of objects you find in your home.




Curiosity Cabinet

Collect items from around the house and display them for all to see.





Clay and Cotton Sheep

Make a cute sheep for decoration or to play with.





Cave Painting

Tell your own history or story with a painting like archaeologists have found in caves.





Clothespin Doll

Make a doll from a clothespin, fabric and pipe cleaners.






Create a silhouette by spattering paint!





Kool-Aid Ice Dyeing

Make custom scarves, socks, towels and more with dye made from Kool-Aid.




Natural Painting

Create your own paints using fruits and vegetables.





Dr. Dizzy Coloring Page

Our new mascot needs some color.  Print off the sheet, use colors of your choice or add some flair!








Johnny Cakes






Apees – German Cookies





Rock Candy






Fry Bread











Simple Lemonade











Dinosaur Activities


Dino Art

What colors will your dinosaurs be?




What’s In a Name?

Use this chart to create new dinosaur names.




Moon Sand Dino Dig

Junior paleontologists can excavate fossils at home.




Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils

Make fossils from ingredients you already have on hand.




Science Activities




Check out your own unique fingerprints.





What Do I Eat?

Guess which animals are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.





Cookie Dig

Practice digging out artifacts like an archaeologist by carefully digging out chocolate chips from your cookie.




Color Safari

Go on a safari through your house or backyard.  What colors will you find?





History & Civil War Activities



Make a Tent






Trace Their Journey






What Would You Carry?











Ironclad Ship Building






Bridge Building






Eye Spy







Language of the Flowers







Pigs in a Pen

Challenge your family to this fun game from the Civil War.




Design Your Own Flag