The Civil War Museum : I Had My Likeness Taken: Cartes—de—visite of the Civil War
Carte de visite of Ulysses S. Grant shortly after he had been promoted to Brigadier General of Volunteers on July 31, 1861. In the photo, Grant wears a Hardee hat with the right side looped up with an embroidered eagle. Black ostrich feathers adorn the opposite side of the hat. In the center is an embroidered oval "US" insignia with gold wreath below the lettering. His coat features two rows of eight buttons placed in pairs. Shoulder boards (single star not visible) placed on the frock. The photo is a straight on shot of Grant's head and shoulders. On the reverse is printed "Published by E & H.T. Anthony, 501 Broadway, New York/Manufacturers/of the best/Photographic Albums/Larcombe Photography/Nashville, Tenn".
Larcombe Photography
Nashville, Tennessee
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