The Dinosaur Discovery Museum : Selections from the Permanent Collection

The Dinosaur Discovery Museum (DDM) in downtown Kenosha is a truly unique place. It is the only museum in the United States designed specifically to show the evolutionary transition between dinosaurs and birds and it does so with the largest collection of theropod dinosaurs in the country. The museum is also home to the Carthage Institute of Paleontology (CIP) in partnership with Carthage College. It is here that visitors can watch as actual dinosaur fossils are cleaned and prepared for research. CIP paleontologists are also on the cutting edge of the latest discoveries, conducting research on the growth and development, also known as ontogeny, of giant dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus rex. During the summer, students and volunteers join the paleontologists from the DDM and CIP in collecting new specimens from the Hell Creek Formation of southeastern Montana.

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The Dinosaur Discovery Museum