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Civil War Museum

Special Exhibitions

Faith in the Fight: Religion and the Civil War
September 2, 2023 – June 2024

Civil War Museum

For all of the interest in the American Civil War (1861-1865) one neglected factor as to why the war happened and lasted as long as it did has been the impact of religion and faith on soldiers, civilians, and leaders, both military and political. Even though the Civil War was not a war of religion, we cannot understand America’s most profound event if we overlook the fact that the conflict was a very religious one.

Religion and faith were perhaps the greatest social motivators that helped bring about the Civil War, promoted and encouraged both the abolition and secession movements, and supported troops in battle and camp.

Watch Father Miller’s lecture on Notre Dame Chaplains of the Civil War here.

Ongoing Exhibitions

The Fiery Trial

The Fiery Trial tells the personal stories of the men and women of the Upper Middle West – specifically Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. Through state-of-the-art museum technology, life-size dioramas, and interactive engaging Exhibition , visitors travel back in history to the social, political, and economic influences that contributed to the Civil War.

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The Fiery Trial

First Floor – admission required

Seeing the Elephant Film

Seeing the Elephant is the term Civil War soldiers used to describe their first experience with combat. This high-tech digital movie experience in The Fiery Trial Exhibition gives visitors a glimpse at “the Elephant.” One of just a handful of venues nationwide using 360º movie technology, this 10-minute film incorporates visual and sound effects as well as ground motion to enhance viewers’ movie experience.

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Seeing the Elephant Film

Inside The Fiery Trial – admission required

Veterans Memorial Gallery

The Civil War Museum is proud to honor all US soldiers and veterans. Reflective of the theme, “Solidarity of Soldiers,” this gallery depicts Civil War soldiers huddled around a campfire under a twilight sky.

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Veterans Memorial Gallery

First Floor

Virtual Exhibitions

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Past Exhibitions


I Am a Man: Photographs of the Civil Rights Movement, 1960-1970

June 9, 2023 – August 11, 2023

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Ohio: Loyal to the Union

June 11, 2022 – June 4, 2023

CWM_SacredScars (720 × 720 px)

Sacred Scars, Shadowed Ground: Images of the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County Civil War Battlefields

January 29, 2022 – May 25, 2022

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