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From Curiosity To Science

Kenosha Public Museum

Second Floor West Gallery

Humans are curious. This curiosity has led to collecting, scientific inquiry and the development of science, and the establishment of museums. This exhibition tells that story.

“From Curiosity to Science” will lead you on a journey of discovery from a 1600s Cabinet of Curiosity through modern museum collections and displays to scientific study of the natural world. Using ecosystems as a case study, the exhibition shows natural science research is vital and on-going.

As you walk through the Cabinet of Curiosity, you’ll see more than 500 objects, specimens, animals, artwork, artifacts and more. Cabinets like this one, demonstrating human curiosity, led to the development of natural sciences and museums. At the other end of the cabinet, you will be transported back to our modern museum.

Explore six local ecosystems – water, wetlands, grasslands, forests, polar, and arid – and compare them with a global example to discover the plants, animals and people who rely on and impact those ecosystems. Get up close to a life-sized polar bear. Play games to help humans and animals find food, water and shelter. Watch videos of scientists researching in the field, and learn how you can make an impact on our planet.

Highlights of the Exhibition Includes:

* Many taxidermy animals on display from six different ecosystems
* Hands-on games and activities for all ages

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